Sad that everyone who writes on this issue choses to start with the disclaimer "None of this justifies Russia’s invasion".

I understand that in practice, to not say it, exposes you to attacks justified under the rational of anyone holding that point of view must - by some convoluted logic- be absolutely a Putin sympathized. Such is the degree of the propaganda and extreme defense of the false narrative.

Putin, arguably was justified. If I shoot someone in self defense, I killed and that is tragic, but I would have otherwise not killed had I not been put in a position by the intruder to have to defend myself. The west provoked. The west intruded where it had not been. The west intruded militarily, not just socially or economically. NATO and the US have plans on a naval base in Crimea and at Odesa.

The US threatened war with Cuba for stationing missiles over a 1000 miles from Washington. US now wants the world to accept that there is no existential threat to Russia if NATO were to station (modern) missiles in Ukraine 300 miles from Russia's military command . . . not even taking into account that the west has openly stated as its goal the subjugation of Russia.

Lets be honest and courageous and call a spade a spade - or we will never stop the war radicals - the mad dogs that need to go back on their leashes because no peace is ever possible as long as these lies mislead the public.

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The invasion was justified. Full stop. Just say it.

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Matt, Great video.

Do you have a Timeline of release dates and titles for your amazing videos?

I want to see the ones I’ve missed.

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Matt, my husband and I love your videos. They tell the story in such a compelling way! We are in awe of your talent. Thank you!

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God, do we have to hear yet another yammering bizarre -- "None of this justifies Russia’s invasion."

Where has Matt been, uh?

Simple stuff here: And I am a communist, so I am not a pro-Marine, pro-rah rah rah. But this should fix the navel gazers.

Scott Ritter is a former United Nations Weapons Inspector and US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer with extensive knowledge of Ukraine and Russia history. Today we explore the problems with the Russia Ukraine War and share insights into how it could end soon.

0:00 - Intro

1:55 - Welcome Scott Ritter

2:15 - Why the War Didn't Start in 2022

3:25 - US Ambassador Warns of Russian War

4:12 - How the Conflict Began in 1942

7:26 - If Putin Withdraws Will This Conflict End?

9:00 - Putin's Controversial Speech

13:55 - The Minsk Accords

15:00 - Did Russia Try to End the War?

18:10 - Why Russia Invaded Ukraine

21:05 - Why a Neutral Ukraine is Key to Peace

24:46 - Will there be a DMZ in Ukraine?

29:40 - Is America's Investment in Ukraine a Goof Thing?

31:50 - Is America Only Spending 5% of Military Budget?

35:05 - Is America Ukraine's Friend?

38:02 - When will the Ukraine War End?

40:32 - Problems with Ukrainian Refugees



Rainer has it down:

Support for Russia is the most important point of unity for Marxists at this stage in the class struggle!



The effects that Washington’s Ukraine proxy war has had on the global class struggle aren’t going away simply because the conflict is now bringing fatigue to the American people, and the empire has to start abandoning its puppet regime on Kiev. This is a development whose impacts on both the global capitalist order, and the worldwide socialist movement, are permanent. The backfiring of Biden’s geopolitical gamble has accelerated the decline of U.S. hegemony, while irreversibly worsening capitalism’s crises. And even if the imperialists had won their latest economic and military battles with Russia, we still would have seen the Ukraine-related events that have recently reshaped the world’s communist forces. Those events being the decision by most communists to side with Russia; and the decision by the imperialist-aligned minority among them to forsake solidarity with Russia’s anti-fascist struggle.


Enough said. Gotta move on.


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Nothing fills me with excitement more then an alert that a new Orf mashup has been posted!

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I think it's ALL a game to them and the wars are launched for money laundering and killing fields / depopulation / great reset agenda / WWIII excuse / manipulative narrative purposes. None of what any of them say is the whole truth. Putin is, after all, a WEF "young global leader" alumni. https://www.youtube.com/live/AoBRnrtX9U4?si=6ebETqQQ6t7D8qly&t=1057

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I cannot understand why we are spending money on what is essentially a civil war between Ukrainian Nationalists and ethnic Russians living in Ukraine. As I understand it, prior to the Russian invasion, Ukraine demanded that two regions that spoke 95% Russian were now required to speak the Ukrainian language. Separatists fought the nationalists in those regions with the nationalists primarily backed by the Azov Battalion who has a history of promulgating neo-Nazi sentiments. Russia attempted to diplomatically resolve the situation through the Minsk accords which set rules for greater autonomy in the disputed regions. The separatists were actually winning until Ukraine backed by the west and NATO attacked the eastern part of Ukraine triggering the Russian response. But maybe I"ve got it wrong. Any thoughts one way or the other?

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Matt, i hope we reach a point where kids are studying this in a new, radically reformed educational system in the future.

In fact, many of your videos. Seriously, this is wonderful, important work. The memory hole is now a hurricane strength vacuum cleaner, and if we continue along our current lines, it’ll be the memory black hole before too long.

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I can help you out with that. Give me a minute ...

In the meantime, Orf ... you rock! Thank you! Hugs

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